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Pieria the Lang of Gods

Olympus Riviera, in Pieria, is the Greek Riviera. Below imposing Mount Olympus and the evergreen Pieria Mountains, its serenity unfolds to the crystal blue waters of the Aegean Sea.

It is the land of Mythology, the Gods and the Muses, the cradle of civilization, with a strong cultural past. It is tantamount to cornucopia and wealth, a blessed place and a center of attraction, with an abundance of all the individual elements, which together, form its splendor. Archaeological findings from ancient cities, monuments and antiquities bring out the entire spectrum of historical eras, which were the landmarks of the Hellenic nation (Livithra, Pimplia, Dion, Pydna, Methoni, Makrygialos).

Here, in this land, your senses vividly perceive the spell of the scenery and the integrity of nature. The mountain and the sea, green and blue, myth and reason,blend together in remarkable harmony.

Pieria, the poetic and erotic land which has so often been praised and painted, invites you 
to live dreamed holiday at a place which will captivate you with its warmth and beauty; and this beauty besieges you from all sides. Its abundant nature and vast beaches, with crystal clear blue waters, give it a special touch and colour. The picturesque fishermen's villages, with their seaside strewn with taverns which serve seafood delicacies, breed a very special sensation and a new impulse of life, since the vastness of the sea brings a feeling of exaltation as well as of emotional tranquility.
Holidays in Pieria, is a real escape when you want to relax from daily routine and regain strength.
Riviera, Pieria's coasts, the well-organized tourist infrastructure provides a string of options and opportunities for a creative holiday. You may enjoy the sea, indulge in the unique nature of Pieria, entertain to the sound of traditional and modern music, go shopping, visit art and cultural events and discover new ways of living and thinking.
Pieria's location, the national road and railway network which serves the area and the perfect local road network, make Pieria an ideal base for visitors who wish to take day-trips to other parts of Greece and return to the hotels in Pieria to spend the night. Most people know Pieria and Olympus from Greek mythology. Others have heard about it from the tales told by visitors to the area.

However, no matter how enchanting the myth is, no matter how flattering the information is, the Pieria that you, the visitor, will discover is the most beautiful.
Few places combine endless stretches of beach with golden sands and crystal clear seas, mountains with history and natural beauty, excellent tourist infrastructure, affordable prices and above all excellent public transport bringing transport time down to a matter of minutes.

Few places combine so many different types of holiday along 70 kilometers of coastline from quiet, family resorts to weekend outings for the young and restless.
Few places can combine completely different forms of entertainment, leisure and cultural activities like Pieria can, thanks to its geographical diversity, long history and the friendly, hardworking and reliable nature of its people.
Destination Pieria is for all.

A place where dreams come true, a place where reality isn't virtual, a place where life is beautiful.